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Convert more of your shoppers to buyers with buySAFE

The buySAFE Bonded Merchant Seal and Bond displayed on a website is PROVEN to make more of your website visitors buy from you by giving them complete peace of mind.

As a buySAFE Bonded Merchant, you'll enjoy:

  • Increased website conversion - 6.8% higher on average
  • Increased profitability - net profits normally increase by over 20%
  • A major competitive advantage - buySAFE is exclusive, only the best can qualify to be bonded

How buySAFE works

buySAFE provides online merchants like you a bonding solution, which makes shoppers feel completely safe & confident. Today, thousands of online merchants use buySAFE to inspect their website operations, monitor their performance daily and bond their buyers' purchases, up to $25,000.

  1. Merchant inspection & daily monitoring - once you pass the buySAFE Inspection process, you'll be recognized as one of the best merchants on the Internet
  2. buySAFE Seal and Bond displayed on your website - As a Bonded Merchant you're enabled to prominently display the buyAFE Seal and Bond

  3. buySAFE Seal in buyer search - Now buySAFE drives buyers directly to your website

Get buySAFE and give your customers ultimate peace of mind! Visit www.buySAFE.COM/offerAGORACART for details!

Certified Merchant pricing - buySAFE is FREE for online merchants

buySAFE_cm_seal151.jpg - 8440 Bytes
  • It's free -- no hidden fees, no risk, no commitment
  • buySAFE pays you -- get a revenue bonus for every bonded transaction
  • Let us prove it to you! -- receive a website conversion impact test to determine buySAFE's value to you

Visit www.buySAFE.COM/offerAGORACART for details!

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