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Boom Start: Super Laws of Successful Entrepreneurs -

Boom Start: Super Laws of Successful Entrepreneurs

Packed with the combined wisdom of three successful entrepreneurs who have studied what works best, Boom Start offers the same advice the authors teach their own portfolio companies, MBA and entrepreneurial marketing students--but unlike academic books, it is written for you and I.

Boom Start teaches entrepreneurs how to rate their new business idea, and how to make it a booming success by following proven "SuperLaws" or best practices.

Boom Start fires up your imagination and empowers you with new ideas. It teaches how to ask the right questions to start and run your current or next business. It also helps you answer questions that every investor wants to know such as "why this, why now, why here, and why you."
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ISBN-10: 0757566235
ISBN-13: 978-0757566233

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