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Please visit our Angels, Sponsors and Partners below:

The following individuals and companies have assisted AgoraCart in its various stages of development and/or they have made significant financial contributions to the AgoraCart Project to sustain its development. To become an AgoraCart Angel's Club member, a featured partner, or to sponsor an AgoraCart module, please visit our Sponsorship page.

AgoraCart Angel's Club

The AgoraCart Angel's Club, formerly known as the Founders Club, is a group of individuals, companies and other organizations that made significant donations financially and/or of time and effort for the support and growth of the AgoraCart project.

Phil Worthington - The Webs We Host - Member Since: Sept 2002
One our our original "Founders Club" members that financially helped make AgoraCart one of the top free open source shopping carts early on.

Bonnie Scott - - Member Since: Sept 2004
Wax Embeds, Embed/Soap Molds, & Candle/Soap Making Supplies. Largest selection of Embed/Candle/Soap molds on the internet!
- Bonnie has been invaluable volunteer helping other store owners in our community forums for nearly a decade.

Donna Rhode - - Member Since: Jan 2005
Web Design for craft styles including boutiques, shabby cottage, country, primitive and everything in between. Offering full service sites and their own "Your Craft Site" package which puts you in control.

Steven Border - Member Since: Feb 2005

Rachel Smisek - Member Since: July 2010
Rachel has been invaluable volunteer helping other store owners in our community forums as well as a significant code contributor.

Featured Partners:

These are highly recommended services for AgoraCart merchants

buySAFE -- the strongest trust signal in e-commerce. buySAFE provides the only explicit, third-party endorsement of a merchant's trustworthiness and reliability -- backed by a bond guarantee.

Payment Gateway and Add-on Module Sponsors

These companies / individuals are the official sponsors of many of our modules.

Small Engine Suppliers - - 2010 / 2011 - Gold Version 6.x Development & - 2010 - FedEx Real-time Shipping module

Budget Lighting Inc. - 2006 - Suggested Selling module

USA ePay - 2007 - Payment Processing module ( Gold Version 5.x only )

NiftyPay - 2006 - Payment Processing module

buySAFE - buySAFE - 2008 - buySAFE trust / bonding module

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Sponsors

These are companies / individuals that have made substantial financial donations to the AgoraCart project.

Thomas Tam - Gold & Bronze Member Since: Feb 2003 - Chuck Collins - - Silver Member Since: Jan 2003

Rich Kappler - Silver Member Since: Jan 2003

Jim Wells - Bronze Member Since: March 2003

Pixel X - Michael Rottmann - - Bronze Member Since: Aug 2008

iTransact - Jared Poulson - - Bronze Member Since: Oct 2012

Steven Border - Bronze Member Since: Oct 2012

FlexPVC - FlexPVC - Bronze Member Since: Oct 2012

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