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AgoraCart Project Team Members

"Mister Ed" - Chief Ecommerce Engineer / PropellerHead
Mister Ed (aka ME ) is the primary force currently driving the direction of the AgoraCart project. Leveraging over 25+ years experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, retailing, sales, management, business analysis, InfoSec, software development, web development, and project management.

Bonnie Scott - Key AgoraNaut & Moderator
Scottcrew Candle Supply. -
Bonnie, aka scottcrew, is one of the people that make the user forums so useful. Since late 2004, after looking for answers for her own store, she has volunteered her time to help others use the flexibility of AgoraCart. She also provides services helping others use AgoraCart in their online presence. Bonnie is a core project team member and pretty much the life support system for many in the community.

Tim Copeland - Contributing Developer
Tim, aka DigitalArtifact, was a new arriving contributor in 2008, though he has used the cart longer than that. He has quickly become a valuable core contributor of code to the project donating such initial work on modules like the shipping pre-calculator. He is also active in the Gold forums helping folks with higher end technical issues.

Rachel Smisek - Key AgoraNaut & Moderator & Contributing Developer
Rachel, aka Galadriel in the forums and formerly known as salta4, originally showed up as an end user in 2008 for her cross stitching supplies and pattern store. Being an actual scientist, she delved into working with the code and picked it up quickly and soon began contributing code and helping other store owners in the gold user forums. Her code contributions include such things as the initial pieces for the SEO manager.

Scott Miller - Key AgoraNaut & Moderator & Promoter
Scott, aka The Insane Webmaster in the forums (or MWD04), started using AgoraCart in 2003. The original project he used AgoraCart for was a Liquor store, that has since closed, however, the original version is available for viewing as it is hosted locally on his server. He has customized several templates for the store with every version since Version 4.x. He has helped in the gold member forums, and now is taking action to help promote the cart even more while helping out the community through the forums and documentation.

Key AgoraNauts - Active Users:

Steven Border - Angel / Sponsor / Key AgoraNaut
Long time user of the cart, Steven, aka sborder, pushes the cart to the limits and offers good feedback, and also finds himself helpful to others in the project's user forums.

Chuck Collins - Sponsor / Key AgoraNaut -
Chuck, aka stude1, is a long time user of the cart. His generous contributions have helped the project advance and stay viable financially over the years.

Kerry Gibbons - Key AgoraNaut
Kerry Gibbons aka pcnetwrx, is a long-time user of the cart since 2005 and lives outside of Phoenix. When he's not busy with his nutritional supplement business or AgoraCart, he may be found working on his church Mediashout/Powerpoint presentations for the weekly services, or playing a bit of Tiger Woods wii golf. Although not really proficient at perl coding, he does sometimes take on the challenge of figuring out how to make something work a bit differently by adapting existing code, knowing just enough to be dangerous ( Mister Ed is now thinking of the "death by monkeys" button in Toy Story 3 ).

Glen Darby - AgoraNaut
Glen, aka glen, is a long time user and supporter of the project.
He enjoys trying to implement new mods for the store and enjoys the puzzle aspect of problem solving peoples requests with new functions on the cart. He is into perl, loves programming, loves CSS, dislikes windows, produces php scripts and has worked with mySQL. Working alongside disabled people, he has a passion for getting involved with OS accessible programs and wants to get involved with making linux OS available to disabled. Although it is already well on the way, he am looking into what he can to to make it even more so.

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